Mathew Tamin, 34, is a web designer, entrepreneur, musician, author and a screenwriter. In 2005, after graduating college at the age of 20 with a Psycholog and Music degrees, Mathew self published his first book. In order to reach a larger audience, he taught himself how to code and created a website to sell his book.

In 2007, Mathew learned about a new CMS called Joomla. Again, he taught himself how to create websites using Joomla and within weeks, he was getting calls and emails from business owners locally and globally asking him to create a website for their company.

In October of 2013, Learn Joomla Fast was created to help non coders learn how to create professional and beautiful websites with Joomla. In just this short period of time, Mathew's courses have been used by over 12,000 entrepreneurs, small businesses, agencies, and orgnizations from over 25 countries.